Strange Fruit / Vreemde Vruchten

Yesterday, I listened to the Jazz song “Strange Fruit” from Billie Holiday and I was intrigued. What was this song about? I learned that the song is based on the poem “Bitter Fruit” written in 1937 by Abel Meeropol. It describes the lynching that took place, primarily in the South of the USA, between theMeer lezen over “Strange Fruit / Vreemde Vruchten”

Het gevoel van een glas water

Niet alleen hollen of stilstaan Soms met de stroom meegaan Stormachtig als de zee kan zijn En de druppel op de gloeiende plaat In het klein Boven elkaar, naast elkaar Onder elkaar, op elkaar Kil en ook verstikkend Sterk en ook zacht Het licht valt bij haar binnen Vervormd door het beschermende glas Ik wouMeer lezen over “Het gevoel van een glas water”

Sometimes things are not what they seem / Soms is iets niet wat het lijkt

A few weeks ago, my husband developed hip pain for no apparent reason. Given the age, we thought about wear and tear and all kinds of treatment methods were discussed. From paracetamol to corticosteroid injections and complete hip surgery. Until….a hole fell in the upholstery of the car seat and the complete interior turned outMeer lezen over “Sometimes things are not what they seem / Soms is iets niet wat het lijkt”

One step at a time / stap voor stap

It is strange, but sometimes we forget how it was to do activities that we used to do. We forget about the technique, the effort and sometimes the pain or pleasure involved as well. Standing at the start of the half marathon of Eindhoven, after breast cancer treatment and after not having done a runMeer lezen over “One step at a time / stap voor stap”

Siepel & Shallot / Siepel & Sjalotje

Today the onion is a widely used vegetable and seasoning and probably comes from central Asia, Iran or Afghanistan. In decorations and hieroglyphs of pyramids, the onion is often used as food and medicine for the journey to the afterlife. Closer to home, in Ootmarsum, located in Twente, good quality onions used to be grown,Meer lezen over “Siepel & Shallot / Siepel & Sjalotje”

Achy breaky legs / Pijnlijke benen

Sometimes we plan to do things, but it doesn’t turn out that way. Life interferes. It happens to us all. For me, running a marathon is such a thing. However, giving up is not an option. Clinging to my bucket list item I find comfort in the saying of William Feather:”Success seems to be largelyMeer lezen over “Achy breaky legs / Pijnlijke benen”

Going left / Links gaan

To go against the grain, to have a different opinion from the crowd, or to look different from usual, you have to stand firm. It takes guts, perseverance and self-confidence. For otherwise is unknown and needs communication and experience to be accepted and loved. It is no different in the animal world. For example, 1Meer lezen over “Going left / Links gaan”

The small five / De kleine vijf

Spring! It was such a pleasure to be outside again! Sun, a breeze and a garden with flowers that were in full bloom, a squirrel who came to steal nuts and up in the air a couple of buzzards who started hunting together to feed the little ones. In the evening we decided to walkMeer lezen over “The small five / De kleine vijf”

Duno & Diversity / Duno & Diversiteit

The slogan of the trademark The North Face is: “Never stop exploring”. A saying I truely embrace. Exploring enables discovery of new, till then unknown people, things and places. I don’t know how it is for you guys, but I always feel so excited to discover, to learn and share these with the people aroundMeer lezen over “Duno & Diversity / Duno & Diversiteit”

Wiggle Wiggle

Every year, King Winter makes room for Sister Spring. In doing so, the cherry blossoms start to bloom, symbolizing a time of renewal, the fleeting nature of existence, the impermanence of beauty, the essence of the moment. Japan is famous for it’s cherry blossoms (“sakura”) bloom, which was recorded to be the earliest since 1200Meer lezen over “Wiggle Wiggle”

Gift of the Nile / Geschenk van de Nijl

You may not be as supple as you used to be and you may become bald or the first gray hairs appear, but in general the aging sets in almost unnoticed. Perhaps just as well, otherwise we would be less able to enjoy birthdays and other celebrations and the pleasant circumstances that go with them.Meer lezen over “Gift of the Nile / Geschenk van de Nijl”

Sensations / Sensaties

Side effects are omnipresent. I don’t say too much about it. “Don’t complain but carry” is a saying. Nevertheless, side effects can stimulate your creativity and flexibility and there are also side effects that are not necessarily troublesome. One side effect of the dexamethasone is also called ‘sensations’ by oncology nurses. During chemo, dexamethasone isMeer lezen over “Sensations / Sensaties”

There they go / Daar gaan ze

Enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing bath tonight. Washed my hair, dipped by body in the water and read pieces from a magazine. When I went through my hair again, my hands were full of small hairs…….swallow 😣. You know this moment will come, you have prepared for it, but when the moment comes, it still isMeer lezen over “There they go / Daar gaan ze”