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In an ocean full of options There is freedom to choose And anxiety of the unknown With a different kind of wind The direction is unpredictable And the journey a destination

Thumbs up 👍/ Duim omhoog

This morning I woke up early to go for my endurance run. It was already warm and on my way I only encountered some fellow bicyclists and runners. While running, my mind often drifts off. This time I thought of my goal: The Rotterdam marathon. I thought of the journey towards that goal and all…

Strange Fruit / Vreemde Vruchten

Yesterday, I listened to the Jazz song “Strange Fruit” from Billie Holiday and I was intrigued. What was this song about? I learned that the song is based on the poem “Bitter Fruit” written in 1937 by Abel Meeropol. It describes the lynching that took place, primarily in the South of the USA, between the…

Het gevoel van een glas water

Niet alleen hollen of stilstaan Soms met de stroom meegaan Stormachtig als de zee kan zijn En de druppel op de gloeiende plaat In het klein Boven elkaar, naast elkaar Onder elkaar, op elkaar Kil en ook verstikkend Sterk en ook zacht Het licht valt bij haar binnen Vervormd door het beschermende glas Ik wou…

Sometimes things are not what they seem / Soms is iets niet wat het lijkt

A few weeks ago, my husband developed hip pain for no apparent reason. Given the age, we thought about wear and tear and all kinds of treatment methods were discussed. From paracetamol to corticosteroid injections and complete hip surgery. Until….a hole fell in the upholstery of the car seat and the complete interior turned out…

Don’t follow the lights

The night and darkness have always had an attraction for me. It calmed me down and I got the feeling that I have time and space. It was therefore surprising to me to discover that there are also many people who do not like the night and darkness, but feel comfortable during the day and…

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